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Sofia Hayat Displays Her Silicone Implants & Reveals Everyone Why She Became A Nun

Sofia Hayat to reveal that she is now following all the things expected from a religious person. Sofia now considers…

By Administrator in Bollywood on June 4, 2016

Sofia Hayat to reveal that she is now following all the things expected from a religious person. Sofia now considers herself as God. She is now known as Gaia Mother Sofia and now Sofia Hayat has reportedly removed the silicon implants in her breasts and showed it to the world.

Sofia Hayat, who has now turned nun and adopted the name of Gaia Mother Sofia, was at her usual dramatic self at the press meet organised in Mumbai. Draped in her nun avatar, the former glamour siren said, “This (silicon implants) was a fake reality that I was putting on display then. I don’t live my life physically for other people.”

When asked how difficult was it to abstain from sex to take on the celibate life of a nun, Sofia said, “I had an active sex life. I had boyfriends. The change happened in July 2015. I asked myself, ‘Why am I not feeling anymore desires?’ And that is when I took this path and discovered the real me. I don’t have any more physical desires left in my body.”

Sofia Hayat reveals why she turned into a nun, displays silicon implants removed from breasts.

Her upcoming film 6X will be shown in Cannes. She will not be promoting the film. She wishes her film doesn’t get released because it shows the glamorous side of her. She wants to be remembered as holy sacred mother and not as an actress. She even added that the money earned from the film industry will be donated to the needy. She further said, “The gods and angels are waking up and I am one of it. I have been through heaven and the angels told me that I am holy sacred mother. I never had a sexual relationship for the last one year. Pornography should be totally banned.”

Sofia said in an earlier interview that she will never have sex, get married or have children. When asked if she considers having sex or getting married wrong, Sofia said, “The problem is media promotes sexual promiscuity. There is nothing wrong with making love. I say, make love and connect to your bodies. I will not marry or have sex as I need to save myself for my children. I am the Holy Mother.”

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