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Singer A.R.Rahman goes on Fast to support the Jallikattu protest in Tamil Nadu.

Since Tuesday, today is the fourth day of protest from people of Tamil Nadu against the Govt for Jallikattu. Day by day the voices are getting stronger on the grounds and people are in no way going to calm down this time. The DMK working president MK Stalin is staging their protest at the  Mambalam railway station where a huge crowd is gathered to support Jallikattu.
The State assembly to the parliament everywhere the issue of the protest is in the talks. The protest is being highlighted since day 1 on every news channel. People are ready to stay hungry get beaten do anything for their right of their decades-old tradition. While they are ready to do anything they have got a very big support by the famous singer A.R.Rahman. A.R.Rahman has come forward to support the supporters for Jallikattu. The singer is going to fast and in a silent way is protesting against the decision by the law.
A.R.Rahman is a very famous singer all across the world not only in India. He is a dual Academy Award winning music composer and is a legend in Bollywood music. A.R.Rahman has never been socializing so much and is a passive player on social media. He has this time used social media as his tool tweeting on Twitter about his fast it was like an announcement.

Here are the tweets on Twitter by A.R.Rahman supporting the Jallikatta moment by going ahead and fasting.


We just hope everything settles down peacefully in Tamil Nadu.

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