Singapore Airlines bans use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board aircraft

Singapore Airlines bans use of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phones on board aircraft after reports of exploding batteries in some units. Samsung has received 35 complaints in which the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire or exploded while charging. Some international airlines have already taken steps to stop people from using the devices on aircraft. Singapore Airlines say, they are telling passengers not to turn on device or charge them on flights.

According to an NDTV report, “The powering up and charging of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones is prohibited on all our flights,” Singapore Airlines said in a statement.

Earlier, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a warning not to charge or switch on Galaxy Note 7 on board aircraft. The serious warning came out when Samsung is dealing with a global recall of nearly 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 shipped across the world. earlier, customers complaints that their Note 7 had caught fire while charging. The company will replace them with new Note 7 phones.

Australia’s Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia also announced they had banned passengers from using or charging the phones in response to the recall. US and Japanese aviation authorities have recommend passengers not to turn on or charge the phones on aircraft. The US Federal Aviation Administration has also told passengers not to store the devices in checked baggage.

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