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Sikh Committee Objects To Dishoom Song For Unsuitable Use Of KIRPAN, One Of The Five Compulsory Kakaars Worn By Sikhs

The makers of ‘Dishoom‘ recently launched the first song ‘Sau Tarah Ke’ in which Jacqueline Fernandez is seen in mini dress…

By Administrator in Bollywood Bollywood Gossips on June 16, 2016

The makers of ‘Dishoom‘ recently launched the first song ‘Sau Tarah Ke’ in which Jacqueline Fernandez is seen in mini dress and has a Kirpan around her waist. The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has now objected to unsuitable use of kirpan in a song.

The Gurdwara Management Committee’s general secretary, Manjinder Singh Sirsa has written a letter to chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification Pahlaj Nihalani instructing him to remove the song ‘Sau Tarah Ke’ from the movie. In addition, they have also demanded an apology from the cast and the director of the film.

Kirpan is highly religious and making it a part of a song which looks equivalent to an item number only demeans it to another level.

The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee has sent a legal notice to director of the upcoming movie “Dishoom” and actor Jacqueline Fernandez for “insulting religious sentiments” of Sikh community. In a letter to CBFC Chairman Pahlaj Nihalani, Manjinder Singh Sirsa said that “The song represents Jacquelin Fernandes dancing with a Kirpan with other actor Varun Dhawan & John Abraham, one of the five compulsory Kakaars worn by a practicing Sikh, swing in front of her legs and supported by a cloth belt worn around the waist by Jacquelin”


Manjinder Singh Sirsa put up a post on his Facebook account which reads:

ਅਸੀਂ ਸਾਡੇ ਵਕੀਲ ਸ਼੍ਰੀ ਐੱਸ.ਐੱਸ ਵਾਲੀਆ ਦੁਆਰਾ "ਡਿਸ਼ੂਮ" ਫਿਲਮ ਦੀ ਅਦਾਕਾਰਾ ਜੈਕਲਿਨ ਫਰਨਾਂਡਿਜ਼, ਡਾਇਰੈਕਟਰ ਰੋਹਿਤ ਧਵਨ ਨੂੰ ਕਾਨੂੰਨੀ ਨੋਟਿਸ…

Posted by Manjinder Singh Sirsa on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Watch the latest song of Dishoom Here:

The video for the song has a lot of serious swag and pretty Jacqueline Fernandez at a rather dangerous location, with peoples holding guns and posing. The song is a situational number where apparently Jacqueline attracts the crowd as John Abraham and Varun Dhawan enter the dangerous hiding place. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Eros International and the film is directed by Rohit Dhawan.

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