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Sidharth Raja An Engineering Student Gets 1.25 Crore Job Offer From Uber

An Engineering Student from Delhi Technological University (DTU) has got a job offer from US-based cab aggregator Uber Technologies with an annual salary of a huge amount Rs. 1.25 crore (US$ 186,442). In 2015, a DTU Student got an offer from software giant Google with an annual salary of Rs. 1.27  crore.
The student who got an offer from Uber, his name is Sidharth Raja, and he is a Computer Science Engineering student at DTU. Raja is in the final year of Computer Science. Sidharth got an offer of the position of a Software Engineer at San Francisco office of Uber. His basic pay is Rs. 71 lakh and his salary include basic pay and other benefits, which goes to the Rs.1.25 crore.
Sidharth Raja An Engineering Student Gets 1.25 Crore Job Offer From Uber 1
Sidharth said, “It was a delight to have received the job offer, and I am now looking forward to move to San Francisco.” A student of Delhi public school from Vasant Kunj said, he will travel around the world with the money of his new job.
He said,“I had actually done a seven-week internship with Uber earlier. So this is a pre-placement offer that I have received. Along with me, I think there is someone from one of the IITs.” Raja told PTI,”I am looking forward to groom my technological skills at Uber before I begin brainstorming on my start-up plan which I see as a long-term goal.”
From his family, he is the first engineer. His mother is a freelance transcriber and father is a consultant. His younger brother is also studying at DPS Vasant Kunj.

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