Shweta Salve, whose picture had recently gone viral on announcing her pregnancy, was again seen flaunting her baby bump. But this time in a bikini while holidaying with her husband Hermit Sethi.

Shweta Salve, who is expecting her first baby announced it on social media recently by posting a picture which showed her baby in a saree. However, this time the mommy-to-be was seen enjoying on a beach in a hot bikini. She shared a stunning photo on Instagram which showcased her growing baby bump, as well as her fit figure in a bikini.


Hermit Sethi took it to instagram and wrote: 


“In every mans life comes a time like this (well atleast all men 🙂 when his life is about to transform to fatherhood. It’s amazing how from boys we become men and then move to this phase in life. Times like these are full of fun , joy , confusion and excitement but hey this is life and it should be a rollercoster ride right?! To my lovely wife and my partner in crime, always smiling and full of happiness, thank you for being the way you are and making me in what I’m today. I hope we can reflect few of our amazing and also stupid qualities to this new one growing inside you… Looking forward to this amazing new journey we are taking together.” 

Shweta Salve’s husband Hermit Sethi also shared a lovely picture of them:



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