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Showering of New 2000 rupees notes on Gujarati folk singer by his fans is shocking.

Demonetization has left citizens reeling, disputes in Bank ques and ATM, cash crunch situation all over the country. Under such condition, here is a viral video all should watch. Gujarati folk singer name Kirtidan Gadhvi, was seen performing in Palanpur. Fans of the singer were showering New 2000 rupees notes on the Gujarati singer which left me with shock.

On December 1, Adayaro program in Palanpur, the incident took place at the dayaro organized by Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple. While, the entire country is standing in long ques for one pink color note, this area had a shower of pink color notes all around the singer performing for the fans. It is hard to say that people will stop wasting money after demonetization and use currency in a proper manner.

Gadhvi is luckiest in today’s situation of the country, raining of pink notes all over him by his fans. While sources were asked about the money showered on him, All the money which has been collected is going to be used for social and religious purposes. Gadhvi collected up to 3 lakh rupees that day.

Here is the two-and-a-half-minute video of the whole showering of New 2000 note.

Kirtidan Gadhvi, also praised Gujarat for always helping with funds for religious rituals in any situation. Gujarati folk singer himself had shared the two-minute video on Facebook which then went viral. Social work and spending on religion will not stop in the cash crunch situational

Demonetization fails, to keep people away from spending on religion and rituals.

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