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Should Swami Ji Be Thrown Out Of The Bigg Boss 10 House Because Of His Unsuitable Behaviour?

Swami Ji from Bigg Boss 10 is in headlines from the day one because of all the wrong reasons. He…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on November 23, 2016

Swami Ji from Bigg Boss 10 is in headlines from the day one because of all the wrong reasons. He has many criminal cases on him, he passes bad comments on female contestants in the house. Because of his bad behavior, in last Weekend ka Vaar episode Salman slammed Swami Ji and threatened him, requested him not to do all these things. Salman slammed him, it was not enough for him and now we think he should be thrown out of the house.

Swami Ji Should Be Thrown Out Of The Show For His Inappropriate Behaviour

We saw in last night’s episode when Sunny Leone enters the house Swami Ji runs to the gate and hugs her, rest of the contestants maintain their behavior. We saw how many times Swami Ji was getting closer and closer to Sunny Leone. Bani, Lopa and Nitibha did not like this and as Sunny Leone left the house three of them Slammed Swami Ji So badly and told him that there was no need for him to get so much close to Sunny the only handshake was enough to welcome her.

Lopa and Bani even discussed that how Swami Ji was touching Sunny’s thighs. While the three girls slammed Swami he defended himself and said he was not having any wrong intentions and if he did wrong then Sunny Leone or Bigg Boss would have stopped him. Swami Ji even showed this behavior before and kept it same with female contestants of the house. We saw how he went into the pool when Mona was inside the pool and another day with Lopa and Mona. In excitement, he hugs them kisses and has done it all.

Why are they bearing him inside the house? Salman Khan should throw him out of the show without thinking about the show or anything else. Salman talks about women’s respect and Swami Ji is not leaving a single moment to disrespect them. What you guys think, Should Swami be out of the house or not?? Share your thoughts with us.

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