Nimrat Kaur & Tahir Bhasin short film ‘Road Trip’ by Y-Films is cute little love story with an amazing twist. Short Film‬ Featuring ‪Tahir Bhasin‬, ‪Nimrat Kaur‬‬ By Y-Films as a cute couple Nikhil & Arshi on a Pune highway where their car has broken down. Arshi and  Nikhil’s conversation is scattered with references to people and situations we don’t really know first hand but can easily guess at for what they are: there is a reference to a girl who had a crush on Nikhil once and boy, Arshi knew it all along, Arshi’s cousin who is a not so welcome regular visitor at the couple’s, and yes, a watch that has stopped working. No part of the couple’s argumentative chat suggests anything amiss. But there is something awfully wrong. And we soon get to know what it is.



The short film is produced by Yash Raj’s “Y-Films“, the film has a couple stranded in the middle of a deserted highway chatting about ex-flames, protective brothers and more until reality hits them hard. Directed by Ankur Tewari, Featuring ‪Tahir Bhasin‬, ‪Nimrat Kaur the film is part of a series of short films called ‘Love Shots’ that Y-Films will be producing.