Shootjit Sircar, a name in Bollywood we all know about. We all love his work, there are no second thoughts to that. Shoojit Sircar has always shown the hard hitting raw reality in his films and we have always admired the way he molds the Bollywood stars into the character that is needed for his films, whether it is the intense political drama ‘Madras Cafe’ or Deepika’s independent avatar in ‘Piku’.

Sources tell that Varun Dhawan is going to collab with Shoojit Sircar for his next film ‘October’. This will be the first time these will be coming up together for a film. We all have seen Varun’s serious side of acting in the movie Badlapur.

Source – Facebook/ShoojitSircar

DNA published an interview with the actor Varun Dhawan in the newspaper, trying to remember the days of Varun Dhawan in ‘Badlapur’,. They also published about the upcoming movie, where they did not reveal anything about the story. They just mentioned that they got to know from sources that movie’s genre would be dark.

But this did go really well with the director Shoojit Sircar and he tweeted to condemn the journalist who wrote the article for trying to reveal the story of the film. Seriously Shoojit Da? Revealing the story?

He even questioned the ethics of the journalist, Nayandeep Rakshit, who wrote the article based on sources.

But that’s not it. Every story has two sides and I won’t tell my readers just one side of the story. Here’s the another side of the story. Nayan deep’s side! Take a look at the story closely yourself. You will get to know that the journalist did not reveal any major parts of the film. He just referred it as a hard-hitting, gritty film.

He shared his WhatsApp messages which he sent to Shoojit Sircar before starting his article and from the chat it was clearly visible that the Shoojit Sircar was in no mood to reply to his requests to talk to him.

He did inform Shoojit Sircar before writing it, and I personally didn’t find anything wrong in his article where he “REVEALED” anything related to the story of the movie “October”.

Well, that’s not fair Mr. Shoojit! He did follow the ethics and you, sir, just overreacted.