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Shocking Video Of Three Puppies Burnt Alive By A Group Of Boys In Hyderabad

A group of teens tied three puppies and burnt them alive. One of the boys recorded the entire horrific incident and is even heard instructing the others to set the puppies on fire. The incident, which happened at Vazir graveyard near Ek Minar mosque in Hyderabad Musheerabad area on July 16, came to light on Wednesday when the video clip was posted on Facebook and within hours it went viral on social media.


The video shows five to six boys burning the puppies alive in an open land. The pups, shrieking and frightened, tried to run away from the bonfire, but, shockingly, the teenagers were seen shoving them back into the fire with sticks.

Animal lovers and activists who watched the video lodged a complaint at Musheerabad Police Station. An official said that the five were minors and they were sent for counselling. a video of two minute long containing graphic details of the boys burning puppies alive in a bonfire. A case has been booked under IPC 429 section 11 (1) a, 1 (L), Protection of Cruelty to Animals Act.

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Speaking to TNM, Ravi Kumar Reddy, Sub-Inspector of Police, Musheerabad said, “On Tuesday night, we got a complaint saying three puppies were burnt alive. We registered a complaint and are trying to identify who these boys are. We haven’t made any arrests yet.”


Though a section of the media reported that the boys have been arrested, The Hindustan Times quoted Musheerabad sub-inspector B Ravi Kumar Reddy saying the case was under investigation.

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