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Shocking Video Of Self-Styled ‘Godman’ Violently Swings A New Born Baby In 360 Degree In Name Of Superstition!

Footage of the incident has emerged showing a man wearing a woman’s traditional saree swing the newborn around by its feet as a large crowd watch on to cheer and clap. The whereabouts of the video are not known and the information about the alleged godman is also not known. One spiritual song is being played in the background and the saree-clad man is dancing with his full energy, as others watch him doing the appalling act.

In the clipping, a self-styled godman could be seen swinging a newborn child in 360 degrees. This is not the end of the story, the man in the video kept on repeating the act in front of many others who are most likely to be his fan. Even a man, standing in-front of the ‘godman’, could be seen clapping over a song which was being played all through when this inhuman activity was being carried out.

The Logical Indian shared the video on their facebook page sometime ago.

There is a difference between a man and a monster. On the pretext of religion and to earn money, many people pretend to be Godmen when in reality they are just monsters putting other people in danger.

We request everyone to share this video so that this person can be put behind bars. We also urge everyone not to allow superstitions cloud their wisdom.

The video can be disturbing for many, so kindly watch it on your discretion.


Viewers pointed out that if the ‘baby’ in the video was real it could struggle with Shaken Baby Syndrome as the violent shaking could cause the baby to suffer subdural hematoma, retinal bleeding and swelling of the brain.  This trauma can be fatal or result in severe brain damage, linked to a range of disabilities such as blindness, cognitive and motor function impairments.

In the footage a man dressed in a woman’s saree violently swings around the newborn to music.

Image Source: Facebook

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