A horrifying video of a man throwing a dog from a terrace surfaced on Social media on Monday. The video has gone viral on social media. It was shot on WhatsApp in Chennai and uploaded on Facebook. It’s not clear whether the incident happened in Chennai. a case had been registered with the Chennai police by an NGO. And it turns out the man may finally have been identified.

Man seen in video throwing dog off terrace was a medical student from Chennai.


According to The News MinuteThe man in the video has now been identified as Gautam S, a final year MBBS student from Madha Medical College, Tamil Nadu.

The short 33-second video shows him smile as he picks up the dog, looks at the camera and grabs it from its leash. Then, he launches it up in the air, hurls it off the terrace and lets go as the terrified dog falls to its death.

When the police, accompanied with activists, went to arrest the duo, they were found absconding. While Gautam went home to Chennai, the other returned to his village, police claimed.

“This issue had surfaced two weeks ago when the video was uploaded. However, when students of the college recognized Gautam and tried to reveal his identity, they were threatened by him,” said Shravan Krishnan, one of the activists who accompanied the police.


Humane Society International has since announced a Rs. 1 Lakh reward to whoever is able to identify the man in the video and the location.