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Shocking! This Pune Based Techie Killed Wife & Committed Suicide & Reason Is Social Media!

We all know Social sites are so good to be in touch with friends and relatives who are around the…

By Administrator in News Viral on January 21, 2017

We all know Social sites are so good to be in touch with friends and relatives who are around the world. You can share all the updates with all of them, but at the same time, it can be so DANGEROUS for you. As nowadays we see many incidents which say that social sites have become a death valley. You get fake friend requests, threats, abuses, etc. and these things have become very common in these days. Today we are going to talk about the incident which will shock you.
Here we are going to talk about Pune-based techie Rakesh Gangurde who was 34 years old, Rakesh killed his wife, and then he Hung himself and committed Suicide because of Social Media. He killed his wife because she was open on her Social account. The reason is unimportant!
The reason is Sonali, Rakesh’s wife, she discussed her infertility with her friends and relatives on her FB account. Rakesh got to know about this, and he did not like it and got angry. He couldn’t control his anger, and he killed Sonali. Rakesh kept the pillow on her face and due to suffocation on the spot she died. Rakesh and Sonali were married from past four years; they didn’t have children. This was the reason they were doing infertility treatment. According to the sources, both of them used to fight a lot for this, but they did not think that this shocking thing can happen.

Rakesh left a suicide note, he said, he was disappointed with his wife as she was sharing her medical history with her friends and relatives.
Harshal and Kunal Powar, Sonali’s brother, came from Nashik and were shocked to see their dead bodies. Her mother was calling continuously, but there was no response, so she sends her son’s to check Sonali. Her brother came and rang the door bell, but no one opens the door. They called the police and broke the door. They only found dead bodies of Sonali and Rakesh.
Rakesh was an MBA and Sonali was a Computer Engineer. Don’t you think, things could have been sorted out?

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