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Shocking! This Contestant From Bigg Boss 10 Admitted To The Hospital For Serious Reason

Finally, Bigg Boss 10 has got its first captain and none other then VJ Bani is captain of the house. As the days are passing BB 10 is becoming serious and contestants are doing their best in the task and to win immunity. As Bigg Boss has announced that now all contestants will play the game individually, contestants are going to any level just to win.

Swami Ji is back in the house from secret room and he reveals everyone’s real face and even accuses Manu , says Manu is keeping fake relations. We saw in last night’s episode how Bani, Manu, and Swami Ji was asking for a vote to become captain. Now all will play the game individually, we will see in coming episodes how all the contestants gets physical in the task given by Bigg ¬†Boss.

Which contestant got injured during the task and has taken out of the house in an emergency?

Bigg Boss has given a new task to all the contestants and while the task is going on all the housemates will got physical and one of the contestant gots injured very badly. Yes, you heard it right, one contestant is injured and has taken out of the house in an emergency for treatment in the hospital. Who is that contestant who is injured and taken out of the house?

Navin is the contestant who got injured and has been taken out of the house for further treatment. During the task, his shoulder gets injured badly and he has taken to the hospital in an emergency. Now, we have to see what Bigg Boss will do after this incident took place. What do you guys think? what will BB do after contestants went physical in the task?



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