SHOCKING! Nitibha Kaul ABUSES Like Never Before!

In Bigg Boss 10 house after Swami Ji is thrown out of the house all the housemates are happy. We all are waiting now who will create drama? Swami has left the house and the fights, drama have already started. Yes, we are talking about Manveer Gurjar and Nitibha Kaul. Their relationship has taken a drastic bitter turn. As we all saw in a promo for Monday’s episode. This time both of them get into an ugly fight again but goes beyond the limit.

All this started when Manveer repeatedly told Nitibha to speak in Hindi, as she was talking in English. Manveer warned her once or twice and even Bigg Boss warned Nitibha to talk in Hindi. After telling her twice Manveer got angry and turned rude to Nitibha. After that, something shocking happened which was unexpected.

SHOCKING! Nitibha Kaul ABUSES Like Never Before! 1

Nitibha got angry on Manveer as his behavior was rude towards her. She slammed Manveer so badly and it was never seen the side of Nitibha. Like never before Nitibha abused Manveer. She heard uttering words like go F*** off, and cuss words like BC and etc.. Yes, we cannot believe this either!

We saw in the promo she is telling Manveer, ‘tameez se baat Karo warna chaata maarungi’ (if he does not talk to her with respect, she will slap him.) This has created an ugly fight between of them and things have changed in the house. Manveer is quite upset with Nitibha’s reaction and he is hurt.

Now we have a question in mind, is Nitibha doing all these things on purpose so that she can stay in the house. As we all know that she is the weakest contestant in the house at present. Maybe she is trying to create a controversy for her own sake.

Well, time will tell us everything does not miss to watch the Award show tonight at 7 PM. Stay tuned to us for more Exclusive updates on Bigg Boss 10.

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