In School strictness is important for the students but in some limit. Teachers need to treat students in a proper way, they shouldn’t act like a giant. The kids need love, care, attention but not the brutal treatment.

It’s a story of every student, teachers hit students when they don’t complete their homework or when they do something wrong.

Today we have got a shocking video which is going viral on the Internet. It is the video of the teacher slapping a student of class 3. The teacher brutally slapped the student just because he did not say “Present Mam” during the time of roll call. The most shocking thing is that she slapped the kid 40 times in just 2 minutes. It’s Horrible!! The teacher is mishandling the kid and Social media is shocked to see this video. Everyone is sharing this video and slamming the teacher for her rude behavior with the kid.

This news is of Lucknow private school. The famous school in Lucknow, St John Vianney High School. As per the reports, when the teacher was calling out his name he was busy in his drawing so he couldn’t hear his name. On this, the teacher got angry and starting beating him. The incident was caught on the camera.

Watch the video clip of the teacher dragging and slapping the student.

The child’s parents were shocked to see his swollen face. His friend said what actually happened and they came to know everything. The teacher’s name is Retika V John she was immediately terminated. The parents have lodged a FIR at PGI police station. So now let’s see what happens.

This video has shocked every one of us and the teacher was wrong to treat a student in this way.