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Shocking! Deepika Padukone gets unrecognised by a Pakistani Man even after several attempts.

There are two kinds of people who leave around in this world; there is one side where people can’t stop…

By Administrator in Viral on December 10, 2016

There are two kinds of people who leave around in this world; there is one side where people can’t stop gushing around when they meet a celebrity. They will click selfies and put dozen pf things on social media for the world to know that they met a celebrity. And the another side of the world is such that they do not give a damn nor they care and sometimes they don’t even recognize them. According to the Pakistani Woman, something similar happened with her uncle.

Twitter user @beckyitter claims that her maternal uncle met Deepika Padukone in Abu Dhabi, but he did not recognize her. She further said that Deepika was shocked after knowing that she didn’t recognize her, and made an effort to introduce herself to the Pakistani man by making him know about the films she had done.

In a series of tweets, the Pakistani women wrote saying as”Khalu met Deepika Padukone in an elevator&didnot recognize her bet he doesn’t watch Bollywood. She was SHOCKED, introduced herself, kept trying.”

According to the tweets, it is noticed that both were residing in the same hotel. While they were in the same elevator, Deepika realized that the man didn’t recognize her, she tried her best. Later Deepika invited the man to join her for the meal. They both talked about the visits to Abu Dhabi and then the man ate his meal and left.



It is hilarious and surprising at the same time, you do not get a chance to get close to your fans when you are a great fan, but what we see here full mismatch that will make your head scratch.

Has it happened or its just a joke?


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