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Shocking! A Man died while watching Aamir Khan's "Dangal"

Aamir Khan‘s Dangal is receiving love from all over India and worldwide as well. The movie left no Record unbroken and had a dream run at the box office. The movie is about to get into the 375 Cr. club and would be the first film to achieve this. The movie just has the perfect mixture of emotions and is a light-hearted entertainer. Dangal also rocked at the Filmfare awards where the Dangal Crew bagged the award for best actor, best movie, and best director.
However, Amidst all these something very unexpected happened. A 37-Year-old man named Abhay Kumar Singh suffered cardiac arrest while he was watching the evening show of Dangal with his kids and wife at PVR Cinema, Motera.
Shocking! A Man died while watching Aamir Khan's "Dangal" 1
Whole theater along with his wife was unaware of the incidence till the lights went on at the intermission. His wife tried to wake him up, but as soon as the realization hit her, People in the theater helped her to rush her husband to a nearby Hospital, but it was already too late. The doctor declared him dead as soon as they arrived at the Hospital.
A Statement from Inspector of Chandkheda police station, NS Desai reads: “His wife has mentioned in her statement that she found Singh unconscious at 7.45 pm during intermission. She tried to wake him up, but when he did not respond, the management immediately called up EMR 108 and shifted him to a nearby charitable hospital. The doctors present there declared him brought dead and had sent the body for postmortem. Primary investigation revealed it to be a case of severe cardiac arrest.”
Shocking! A Man died while watching Aamir Khan's "Dangal" 2
Abhay Kumar Singh was a worker in a Mall in Chandkheda and he used to stay in Sughad at Jeel 101, near Parshwanath Atlantis Park along with his mother, wife and 2 children. The postmortem is done for now and the body is sent to Bihar, Singh’s native place. Isn’t this news a shocking one? After all, someone aging 37 is too young to suffer a cardiac arrest. The reason for this is being found out by the Police and forensic team.
Just as a clarification, Dangal hasn’t got anything to do with Singh’s death. It’s just a light-hearted movie made solely for entertainment purposes. So, this incident must be considered an Independent one and the cause shouldn’t be landed upon Dangal.
What’s your view about this whole happening? Let us know in the Comment section below.

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