Shatrugan Sinha sister-in-law Sheela Sinha committed suicide in her Gurgaon apartment. A report in Haryana Kesari claims that Sheela who had separated from her husband, elder brother Shatrugan Sinha a few years back was found hanging from a ceiling fan in the Gurgaon apartment, where she stayed alone. The cops have recorded statements of Bharat and Sheela’s son and daughter, who did not suggest any foul play. Sheela’s children insisted that their mother preferred staying alone and hence lived on her own in Gurgaon.

Sheela, a doctor by profession, was divorced and used to live alone. The 69-year-old’s corpse got discovered, when neighbors complained of foul smell coming from her apartment. When cops broke into her flat, they found her hanging in her bedroom. Her body had decomposed and the police have now sent her body for postmortem. The Gurgaon police in a statement to the media revealed that the investigations is still on and more details will be out only once it is completed. No suicide note was found by the cops.

Reports suggest that Sheela might have committed suicide at least a week before the cops broke open the apartment door and found her dead body. Assistant Commissioner of Police Hawa Singh told that the main door of the woman’s house was broken to enter the premises. The woman’s daughter Bharti lives in Ahmadabad while businessman-son Bharti Hindu is based in Bangalore, Mr Hawa Singh said. Her former husband Bharat Sinha is based in London. The couple separated around 25-years ago.

Shatrugan Sinha sister-in-law Sheela Sinha was found hanging as news says she committed suicide a week ago. Let us know in comments below what do you have to say about this.