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Shameless Mother Throws Her 3 year Old Son Down Stairs After A Fight With Her In Laws

There is a shocking CCTV footage which has gone viral. In the video, a 26-year-old mother is seen throwing her…

By Administrator in News Viral on January 28, 2017

There is a shocking CCTV footage which has gone viral. In the video, a 26-year-old mother is seen throwing her three-year-old son from the staircase of the first floor. This incident happened in Southeast Delhi’s Pul Prahladpur, New Delhi on January 24. Kid’s father Nitin Gupta who is a businessman, he filed a complaint and police have registered a case under Section 308 of the IPC against his wife, Sonu Gupta.
The footage showed from the CCTV camera’s which is kept in their house. The video shows Sonu sitting on the bed and fighting with her in-laws. Anshu, her son, was sleeping beside her. She gets angry and throw things from the bed, picks up her child went to the staircase and threw his son. Then her in-laws went to save her child.
Anshu got seven injuries on his face and head. According to the CCTV footage, this incident took place on January 11 at 4 PM. But the complaint was filed after 12 days on 24 January. On 24 January Nitin Gupta called DCP of southeast Romil Baniya. DCP confirmed this and said,“On January 24, we received a call from Nitin Gupta saying that his wife threw his son off the staircase. We recorded his statement and took the child for a medical examination at AIIMS trauma center. A case was immediately registered against Sonu Gupta, and the investigation is on.”
The police have not arrested the woman yet. Sonu Gupta’s in-laws said she is short tempered and gets angry after fights on small issues. They said our son is married to her for 5 years, and they have kept the camera inside the house just for their safety. And they can record Sonu’s behaviour. Sonu filed a case against them five months ago.
When she threw his son, that day she was arguing with her in-laws for the property. According to the reports, Sonu is counseled by a psychiatrist and may be arrested soon.

Here is the video of Cruel Mother throwing her son.


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