Shahrukh Khan's Car Accidentally Injures The Photographer's Foot and what he did next is incredible

Shahrukh Khan, the King Khan of Bollywood film industry, is the king of everyone. The Superstar is humble, and he loves all of his fans just as they love him. And he gave a perfect example of his kind-heartedness on Wednesday.
As it was the 24th birthday of Alia Bhatt, the co-star of SRK in Dear Zindagi. Shahrukh Khan came to give his best wishes to Alia Bhatt on her Birthday Bash. It was expected, the Raees actor was welcomed by many photographers. But Unluckily one of the photographers was injured by SRK’s car in the excitement of clicking the pictures of SRK.  This incident took place when SRK was going to Alia’s residence, and all the photographers noticed him and ran to click his pictures.
According to the reports, the photographer who was injured is a new and got excited after seeing his favorite star and rushed to take pictures. While clicking pictures, he didn’t notice the speed of the car and the car’s tyre ran over his foot. As soon as Shahrukh saw the incident, he came out of his car to see that the lensman is fine. He called his bodyguard to take the photographer to the Nanavati hospital and also said everyone to take care of him and all the medical bills.

An eyewitness said, “He was a new photographer so perhaps got a little too excited seeing Shah Rukh and couldn’t see that the car was very near to him. When the car ran over his foot, Shah Rukh immediately came out of the car along with his team to help him.”
He added, “SRK then instructed his team to take the injured photographer to Nanavati hospital in his car and called up doctors at the hospital. Nothing major happened to the man, but Shah Rukh entered the building only when his car left the hospital.”


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