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'Shahrukh is like my Son' says mother of the man who died at SRK's Raees Rail Promotion.

Shahrukh Khan‘s film Raees which has released Today was promoted by him for a long while. King Khan had a…

By Administrator in Bollywood Gossips on January 25, 2017

Shahrukh Khan‘s film Raees which has released Today was promoted by him for a long while. King Khan had a special way to promote the film this time he took the Railways. From Mumbai-Delhi SRlK stopped at every station and waved his hands to his fans and promoted his new film. Something bad happened in all the good which went in the news soon. While SRK’s train had a halt at the Vadodara station, an unfortunate incident took place.
A man named Farid Khan Pathan was a social activist allegedly dies due to cardiac because of the heavy crowd. On Monday, when SRK was traveling by August Kranti Rajdhani Express in the same train was journalist Samina Shaikh, niece of the deceased, covering the Raees film promotion. Our King Khan again proved us that why we love him so much even in such a tough situation for SRK, he managed to light the incident.
He made sure that the journalist and her mother both reached to the deceased funeral and proved them with all the traveling. After all, this SRK still was blamed by some people, but that should surely be ignored. While all this took place, it was very important to know the view of one person that was the deceased mother.

Here is the video where SRK is deeply saddened by the Fan’s death.

Mother of the deceased has a great heart, and instead of blaming anyone she said that she is not angry with anyone. Shahrukh is like my son, and his son has not died because of him it has nothing to do with the Raees film promotion. He has died due to the crowd and suffocation would just want everyone to pray for him.

Nothing over dramatized! Such Kind hearts. RIP Pathan Sir.

Shah Rukh Khan’s movie, Raees’s train promotion which left a man dead, started a fire against the actor but the deceased’s mother has now come to rescue the superstar, saying “it’s not his fault”.

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