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Shah Rukh Khan To Become Apple’s Indian Brand Ambassador Soon!

Apple will be making Shah Rukh Khan a brand ambassador for India. According to reports, Shah Rukh Khan is all set to…

By Administrator in Bollywood on June 4, 2016

Apple will be making Shah Rukh Khan a brand ambassador for India. According to reports, Shah Rukh Khan is all set to become the Indian brand ambassador for Apple soon. According to Apple Insider, the announcement will be made when Apple launches new iPhones in India later this year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited India and met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with announcing a development centre in Hyderabad and an iOS application design centre in Bengaluru. A report by PC Tablet is claiming that Apple might rope in Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan to be the brand ambassador for Apple in India. To make things official Apple could make this announcement right when it launches the new iPhones in India, which would be approximately a month after the official US announcement.

Apple Will Soon Appoint Shah Rukh Khan As Their Brand Ambassador.

Apple has appointed brand ambassadors in other countries like soccer player Neymar in Brazil and NBA player Steph Curry in the US who market their products and attract consumers. Of late, Apple has been focusing on the Indian market since their growth has slowed down in China and Cook himself had said in an interview with NDTV “Journey starts with the first step. We are not here for a year or few years, we are here for a long time, 100s of years. And we are a long term company. The thing that we make the most focus is iPhone. It’s a key part.”

This comes after reports that Apple is in talks with Red Chillies Entertainment as well as other big production houses to use their content for Apple Music and Apple TV. Apple, by personalizing content for Indian audiences and participating in the “Make In India” initiative, aims to significantly increase its penetration in India.

In fact, last year the company had entered into an agreement with Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, through which Apple Music had exclusive rights to the songs from his film ‘Dilwale’. Cook has argued that the arrival of new LTE networks in the country could propel iPhone sales beyond a small 2 percent market share, but the main obstacle is believed to be price, since even the iPhone SE costs several times as much as most phones sold in the country.

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