We all love the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, don’t we? He’s a self-made man and the whole world knows this and admires him for the same reason. He’s been through many ups and downs in his career in his starting days in Bollywood.

But today, he’s the king of Bollywood and he rules the hearts of his fans!

Shah Rukh Khan came to Mumbai with big dreams in his eyes. He wanted to be a part of the industry and wanted to be a hero. Benny Thomas, his childhood friend, once mentioned an about an incident, when Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t famous, when he was a common man, just like us. They were chilling on the Marine Drive when he said: “I’ll rule this city one day!” Well, the rest is history!

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When he first came to Bombay, he wasn’t sure of his career so he had planned that he would just do 3-4 movies and then he’ll go back Delhi. Well, we’re glad that he didn’t go back!

He was so unsure of his career that he never thought he would make it big in this industry as the protagonist so he chose to do some negative roles in movies. Yes, you read it right.

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It’s not that he experimented or something, he did the negative role because he thought he wasn’t good looking enough to be a leading hero in a movie. So, he decided to take up the negative roles in movies like Baazigar and Darr.

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Well, he totally did justice to the roles but hey, not good looking enough? I’m glad that he didn’t give up, and see now, he’s the king of Bollywood today. He revealed all this in an interview while promoting the movie Raees.