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Shah Rukh Khan Loses His Cool On A TV Show Anchor In Dubai

Shah Rukh Khan is known for keeping his calm and for his witty replies to all the rumors and unwanted things and we rarely see him losing his cool. However, recently a video of SRK in Dubai is going viral where SRK seems getting super mad an anchor in Dubai after he played a prank on King Khan. The Chameleon was actually the show host in a costume to scare and prank King Khan, But things did not go as expected.

A prank show called Rameez Underground by Ramez Galal set a prank for Shah Rukh Khan, where SRK fell into a mud pit along with one of the female hosts of the show and a large chameleon was seen attacking them.

Shah Rukh Khan Loses His Cool On A TV Show Anchor In Dubai 1

Shah Rukh Khan is known for his comic sense and has always been favor of comedy and pranks, but this one didn’t do as expected and Shah Rukh Khan lost his cool at an anchor in Abu Dhabi.

Shah Rukh Khan was seen struggling to battle the mud pit and at the same time trying to scare the animal. But as soon as SRK came to know that the Chameleon was actually a man wearing the animal suit, he lost his cool and started yelling at the masked man and totally lost the plot of the prank. As soon as the actor dressed as a chameleon revealed his identity SRK did not like it and he almost punched the host as the prank was way too much according to King Khan, It seems.

Watch the video here –

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