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Shah Rukh Khan Detained At Los Angeles Airport Again By Immigration Department

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was detained at Los Angeles airport by the US immigration department. It is not clear why Shah Rukh Khan was detained, or for how long. Khan had left for the US with his daughter Suhana last evening.

This is not the first time Shah Rukh Khan has been detained at the U.S airport and each time including this one, it seems his detention is the result of the presence of a man by the same name on the country’s no-fly list.

Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter to express his frustration after the incident, and said being detained by United States airport authorities so many times was terrible.

However, King Khan managed to see the humorous side to the sticky situation and made a hilarious joke about it on his Twitter handle.

Later, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia in the US Department of State Nisha Desai Biswal apologised for “hassle” Shah Rukh Khan faced at the airport.

First time In 2012, Shah Rukh Khan was detained at New York Airport for over two hours by immigration officials after arriving from India in a private plane with Nita Ambani to address students at Yale University. While Nita Ambani and the rest of their group were cleared immediately, Shah Rukh Khan was stopped and was given immigration clearance only after about two hours.

In an interview given to the news agency PTI in February this year, the actor had said he doesn’t hold any grudges for the incident that occurred in 2012. However, he termed being detained and stuck for 2-3 hours as uncomfortable.

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