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Screwed Up Things About The Indian Education System That Have Been Making Us Suffer

In our early age, we learn about the imperfection in our education system. In 5th-6th class only we understand about…

By Administrator in Featured on January 31, 2017

In our early age, we learn about the imperfection in our education system. In 5th-6th class only we understand about the top rankers because they have a good memory. Even our teachers love the toppers. We know if we are not right with our subject teacher then we will not get good marks in that subject. Don’t think of going in arts field if you are a brilliant student.
When we are an adult, we get to know everything about our education system. Some of the students are so bright to understand it quickly and won’t work hard, and there were some of them who couldn’t do hard and became a victim.
Let’s have a look at some of the points.

1. We get more marks if we write long answers, no matter if the short answer meaning is also same.

Our teachers have trained us to write essays for answers even if the answer can be written in 4-5 lines we have to write a long answer.
Just because of this the trend of Feku writing has started. Students just write a big answer, but there is no meaning in it.

2. Competition is too much. Many students but few colleges

There are lakhs of students but fewer seats in colleges. The competition is so lethal and physical. Most of the students take a break of a year or 2 just to prepare for an entrance exam. Then also they don’t get seats and because of this many does suicide.

3. If our grades are low then almost no chance for a good job

The whole employment sector depends on your performance of undergraduate studies. If you are not good there, then there is no chance of getting a good job in a company or college.

4. Understanding is not important, but Memorization is

We just try to memorize the exact answers which are given in books because if we write another word in the exam, then we would not get marks for that answer.

5. School are only about studies there are no other activity skills

In South side, there are schools in which they train students for IIT from 5th class. Because of this training, the school ends late, and the students don’t get time to play. Extracurricular activities can be conducted in schools, but they don’t do it.

6. There is no good facilities and infrastructure.

The service should be good in the universities. But there is a mess everywhere, and the management does not care about it. They don’t improve the mess at all.

7. Reservation

If the students are good in studies, but they are poor, they should get a scholarship.

8. Good schools are very few. Most of our schools are in a mess.

Most of the schools have less than 1% of the population of students. The schools that cater to the majority of students are government run public schools – and they are in a bad state. Most of them have no drinking water, no toilets for female students and teachers who are not interested.

9. Unprofessional teachers and they can break our career.

Very few teachers in India are in the business of education. Most of them are there because they are female.

10. Best minds get into finance because there is no chance for research.

Those who have good minds who can do research they go into finance because of there no career in science and innovation.

11. There is no practical knowledge of an engine or anything.

Most of the engineer students know how IC works, but they don’t have the idea to repair it. Even the students who study science they can’t practice because they don’t know. There is a lot of difference in learning and doing it practically.

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