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Sasha Chettri The Cute Airtel 4G Girl Is Dating Bollywood Star! Can You Guess Who Is He?

We all are aware of the cute Airtel 4G girl who kept annoying us in every ad of Airtel. In…

By Administrator in Bollywood Television on February 18, 2017

We all are aware of the cute Airtel 4G girl who kept annoying us in every ad of Airtel. In 2015, When Airtel launched the 4G Campaign she became an overnight sensation. We have an idea of her voice and face, but we don’t know many things about her. Her name is Sasha Chettri, and every Indian knows her by face, may all don’t know her name. Before 2015 Sasha was an unknown model, but now whole nation knows her by her face and voice. After she had become famous for her 4G ad, Sasha got few chances in movies.
After some research on her personal life, we got to know that the Airtel 4G girl is not single and she is dating a Bollywood Celebrity. Sasha is dating a Bollywood director and a singer, Sachin Gupta. He has worked for movies like Finding Fanny, Mere Dad Ki Maruti and Table Number 21. The couple was spotted in some events, and they opened up about their relationship.

Sasha Chettri

Singer cum Director Sachin was married to Sasha Agha but got divorced. Sasha Agha is an actress who worked in movies like Aurangzeb with Arjun Kapoor. Sasha Chettri was born in Dehradun, and at a very young age she got popularity.She is a musician and is currently working on a music album with Sachin. Sachin and his wife Sasha Agha dated for 1 year before getting separate. There are reports that Sasha’s mother was not happy with their relationship.

Now it looks like Sachin has found new Sasha and the couple is quite happy.

Congratulations Sasha and Sachin, may God bless you both!

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