How many of you know Sasha Chettri? I’m cent percent sure that each and every one of you must be knowing who she is. After all, she’s the most loved star from the advertising world. She has been seen in several advertisements. The most famous ones are of the Airtel 4g. I mean, tbh, initially, everyone used to call her “The 4G girl”. Then slowly, that advertisement became a rage in India and everyone became her fan. Today she’s a well-known celebrity in India. And today, in this article, The Youth Magazine is going to unfold Sasha Chettri‘s real story and her journey of how she became what she is today.


It all sounds so amazing, right? A person comes to Mumbai, the city of dreams, and then becomes a star here. But in reality, it’s not this simple. Actually, it’s not even close to the word simple. The struggle, the stress, the ups, and downs. Sasha has seen it all. Sasha Chettri hails from Dehradun. She’s the youngest of the 3 sisters and the most rebellious one as well. Sasha was born on June 9th, 1991 in Dehradun. She lost her mother, Meena Chettri at a very tender age of just 12. Her father, Arun Chettri, comes from an army background. She did her schooling from “Brightland School” in Dehradun, then she did her graduation in BA at the same place.

Later, she moved to Pune. She has even worked in a BPO in her early days to earn money. Not so much different from us, right? Sasha used to be an intern at an advertising agency. Later, she went on to work for non-profits in the education and childcare sector. She has also worked in a production house, as a writer and concept developer. She even used to perform at clubs and restaurants as a musician on the weekends. Well, she’s an extremely talented artist, I must say.

Sasha 4g girl

She wanted to do become a singer. This was her dream, since her childhood. Oh, I forgot to mention this earlier, she’s an amazing singer and has a beautiful voice. She’s currently pursuing a course in Bollywood music. She was more into western music before, but now, she knows how it works in the industry. Well, Sasha, I feel you. Excel in the music industry as well, like you’ve excelled in the advertisement and acting field.

Facts about Sasha Chettri

Now that I’ve mentioned acting, I’ve got a news for you all! Sasha is currently working on a Telugu film. Amazing, right? She’s already been seen in several advertisements of Airtel, Amazon, Sunfeast and QuickHeal. She was also seen in these two movies, “Shaadi Ke Side Effects” and “Katti Batti“. Her Airtel ad was the most famous one and her hairstyle in that ad became a rage amongst the girls. Her unique hairstyle was loved by everyone. This resulted in a major boost of likes and followers on her Facebook page and Instagram Profile. Today, This girl is doing everything she ever wanted to do and is achieving all her goals in life. Well, she deserves it all.

Sasha Chettri New Ad

You must be thinking why did I say, Sasha Chettri deserves it all, right?

Because unlike other stars in this industry, the stardom was not spoonfed to her, also, she doesn’t belong to a star family. So, yeah, she deserves all this love and support which she’s getting now. She has slogged her ass off to reach this position in life. She’s no different from us, at all. She just didn’t give up on her dreams and was adamant that she will achieve her goals. She faced all the odds and overcame it, and today, everyone knows her name.

Today, no one says that she’s “The 4G girl” from airtel ad because they all know that her name is “Sasha Chettri“. She is, and why shouldn’t she be, an inspiration for all the people who hail from small towns. She has proved that if you are stubborn enough to achieve your dreams, then you shall achieve it. More power to you girl. You slay!

We should learn just one thing from her life story. Never give up on your dreams!