Sania Mirza has invited Shah Rukh Khan to unveil her autobiography titled ‘Ace Against Odds’, which she has co-authored with her father Imran Mirza. Shah Rukh Khan feels any movie made on tennis star Sania Mirza will be inspiring and he may like to produce it.

Sania Mirza is planning a grand launch of the book at a few places across the country for which Sania has reportedly roped in a few of her Bollywood friends Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Parineeti Chopra included.


Shah Rukh Khan told reporters, after formally launching Sania Mirza‘s autobiography, “Whenever there is a movie made on Sania, I think it will be very inspiring and it will be fantastic. And I don’t know… ask her if she will let me play her love interest. But, I will produce it for sure.”

Reportedly, Salman Khan would launch her book on 17th July 2016 while Shah Rukh Khan would launch the book in Hyderabad on 13th July 2016. And her Best Friend Parineeti Chopra will be a special guest during the book launch in New Delhi.

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