Salman Khan’s rumored Girlfriend Iulia Vantur was spotted at the Mumbai airport yesterday along with Salman Khan’s mother Salma and his sister Alvira Agnihotri. While Iulia has been a part of Salman’s family for quite a while now, it is only recently one started seeing more visible appearances of the pair together on social media and other platforms.

Salman Khan and his family were recently spotted at the Mumbai airport who came back from Chandigarh. Accompanying the family was Vantur, who like a ‘Sushil bahu’ was seen helping Salman’s mother Salma walk till the car. While Salman exited the airport in a separate car, Iulia, Salman’s sister Alvira and Salma Khan took another car back home.

The Pictures shows, Iulia Vantur was seen helping Salman Khan’s mother Salma walk till the car.

Before the ladies exited, Salman made his way out and remained seated in his car waiting for the women folks of his family to arrive. A caring Iulia walked alongside Salma holding her hand firmly as they made their way towards their waiting car. And the Romanian beauty made sure the septuagenarian was ensconced inside well enough before helping herself in.

Salman Khan is sending all kinds of right antenna as far his love for Iulia Vantur is concerned. Right from having her present at most of his outdoor location shoots, international travels to intimate family affairs, Salman has made sure that Iulia is looked after in the most special way possible. With Salman making no effort to hide Iulia from the public with fixed attention and the lady herself bonding big time with the Khan family, speculations are already rife that a marriage could soon be on the cards for Salman.