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Salman Khan To Quit The Bigg Boss Show For This Reason?

The 10th season of Bigg Boss is different from all the past seasons. In the history of Bigg Boss few…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on January 7, 2017

The 10th season of Bigg Boss is different from all the past seasons. In the history of Bigg Boss few contestants from season 10 have crossed all the limits in the show. It is said that star Host Salman Khan is very disappointed with the makers who brought such contestants in the show. But now, Finally, Salman is very happy that Swami is thrown out of the show. Even all the audience and housemates are so happy that Swami Ji is out of the house.

Salman Khan is hosting the Bigg Boss show from Bigg Boss 4, but this season is the worst for him till now. From quite some time Salman wanted to quit the show but he couldn’t. The reason why he is still hosting the show is just because the show is very close to his heart and he is working in from almost 6 years. But this season is quite hectic for Salman and he is fed up. Seems the commoners have taken a toll on him.

We heard Salman saying, ‘I am so busy with my other commitments, I have quite a lot on my own plate, and then handling some of these ‘atarangi’ contestants in the Bigg Boss house is a bit too much. They think that creating all this ruckus will give them more footage, it’s insane behavior, not sure if I want to handle this!

We can understand why Salman is so disappointed with this season because the housemates haven’t played not even one task properly. Whenever the contestants are ready to complete the task Swami Ji used to interfere in between and ruins the task. Now that he is out, we’re hoping for some new drama in the house.

Now we all know that Star host Salman is disappointed with the show the main question is will he continue the show in the next season? What do you guys think? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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