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Salman Khan Seen Riding A Scooter On The Sets Of SULTAN!

Salman Khan, is seen riding a scooter on the sets of his upcoming movie, Sultan. The actor looks very happy and delighted. A school going kid is seen waving his hands to Salman Khan, and the actor is seen smiling at the little child.

It seems Salman Khan in Sultan is doing a character which is very much down to earth, despite being a renowned wrestler. The Dabangg Khan also sang a song called ‘Jag Ghumiya’ in the movie. The actor is leaving no stone unturned and shooting round the clock for this film. It is a known fact that, in Sultan, Salman will be seen as a wrestler from Haryana and is paired alongside Anushka Sharma.

Salman Khan has undergone huge body transformation for the film. He has bulked up himself to look like an actual wrestler. He will be playing a wrestler from Haryana named, Sultan. The actor was recently spotted shooting for his film in Bihargarh Village, in Morna, at Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. A photograph from the shooting location is going viral on the internet. In the picture, the Bajrangi Bhaijaam actor is riding on a blue colour scooter. The actor is wearing casual jeans and shirt in it. Well, we are happy we got to see another side of his wrestler character from the film.

Here is a short clip of Salman Khan Riding Blue scooter on the Sets of SULTAN –


Image Source – thereveillenwu.com


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