Salman Khan May Launch His Bodyguard Shera’s Son In Sultan!

As we all know Salman Khan has launched many new faces in the industry and has been a god father to many. Now, Bhai has taken it upon himself to launch his bodyguard’s son into the showbiz. Shera‘s son is now working as an assistant director on the sets of Salman’s new film Sultan.

While all eyes are on Salman who is expected to launch Tiger, father Shera says “Tiger is assisting Malik in Sultan. About his launch, all I can say is that it’s his hard work that will take him wherever he wants to go. If he wants to become an actor, he will have to work hard for that. He has to struggle to make it for himself in his own merit.”

We all know that most actors started their careers by assisting in movies, seems like Shera’s son will be next to feature in a movie.

Good luck!

Salman Khan

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