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Saif’s Daughter and Shahid’s Brother To Appear in karan johar’s Student of the year

Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Khan and Shahid Kapoor’s Brother Ishaan Khattar will work together in Karan Johar’s next movie ‘Student of…

By Administrator in Bollywood on March 29, 2016

Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Khan and Shahid Kapoor’s Brother Ishaan Khattar will work together in Karan Johar’s next movie ‘Student of the Year 2‘. Sara Khan is all set to make her grand Bollywood debut. She is ready now to work with Shahid’s younger brother Ishaan Khattar. Ishaan worked as an assistant director in Shahid’s film ‘Udta Punjab’ additionally featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh.

Sara Khan has currently just finishing her college and Ishaan is already popular on social networking sites. Now as per reports, Sara & Ishaan are being groomed for the sequel of Karan Johar’s ‘Student of the Year’.  Saif and Shahid are working together in Rangoon whereas Shahid got Kareena on board for Udta Punjab. So it seems that Ishaan and Sara’s pairing won’t be much of a problem either.

When Saif was asked about the same, he said he has no objection but Sara should complete her study first. “Of course, I won’t have any problem. It is a wonderful profession. But I would have a problem with her leaving the college and getting into movies. She is currently studying in her second year at Columbia University. One day, she messaged me saying she wants to join movies. It was a slightly strangely-worded message but I replied, ‘Yes, but after college.’ Then there was some silence. Obviously, she doesn’t know what she is saying. Some days, she wants to be a lawyer, someday a doctor, then one day she told me she wants to work at the White House… Nobody leaves Columbia University! Anyone in the world would give their left arm to go to an Ivy League university. I wish someone would have told her that I would have her shot if she even thinks about leaving college. This degree is your only passport — from the husband that beats you to a country that collapses economically, you can survive everything. She can get a job anywhere in the world. It would be foolish of her to leave that to act. She can do that after she completes her education. She can’t throw this to be stuck working in one profession. That is limiting yourself.”

He adds after a pause, “Like if Indian economy collapses today, I can’t do anything else. I can’t suddenly get a job in say, Sweden. And even if I find a job, it probably won’t be as well paying as this. But after that degree, Sarah is free to act if she wants to. I mean, she doesn’t have to educate herself for the next six years…she can do another two years at Columbia and then she can do whatever she wants.”

While Karan Johar has not commented on the star cast yet, he had recently announced that a SOTY sequel is in the works.

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