So, The Lucknow Metro had the most memorable debut journey. How? I’ll tell you about it in the next paragraph. Before telling you what happened, first, I’d like you to know these facts about The Lucknow Metro. As per the information we have, the total money spent of The Lucknow Metro is ₹6,928 crore(US$1 billion).

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Now that’s a huge amount. After investing such a humongous amount of money, there is no chance of any kind of problem in the trains, right?

That’s what normal people, like us, think. Also, E Sreedharan said that Lucknow Metro is the fastest metro system to be completed in the country. He said The Kochi Metro, which was inaugurated recently, has been built in four years while Lucknow Metro was completed in a period of two years and nine months, which has been the fastest in the world till now. Wow, that sounds like a great achievement. Amazing!

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Now, cut to reality. What happened when the metro actually started? It broke down between the stations of Mavaiyya and Durgapuri with the passengers stranded on the train, for more than an hour, without light, without Air conditioning. Even children going to schools also had to suffer because of this.

The stranded passengers were finally allowed to exit after a team of officials from the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation(LMRC) arrived and opened an emergency exit at the back of the train. Fastest made metro? ₹6,928 crore spent? What happened to all the E Sreedharan’s claims?

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Let’s hope that next time they live up to their own expectations after claiming about something.

Also, let’s hope that the passengers don’t suffer like this again. “Safar” became “Suffer” for the people!