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Sachin Tendulkar unveiled Smartron 2-in-1 notebook

Sachin Tendulkar today said he has a dream to see Americans carry phones made by Indians. that he will support domestic companies whole heartedly that are looking to go global. made in India brand with global ambitions, has announced its first set of products, initiating what it calls a “breakthrough with the Internet of Trons”. The company launched a 12.2-inch Windows 10 2 in 1 t-book powered by Intel Core M processors with prices starting R39,999. It also announced that a 5.5-inch t-phone with Tron x based on Android will start selling in April.

Tendulkar said: “This is the second inning of my life. First, I was playing cricket in the field. The second inning is a partnership with entrepreneurs. That means much more to me because if you read what is written behind the product (Smartron) it says designed and engineered in India.”

The company clearly has ambitions to be present across devices and technologies across consumer and enterprise verticals. The Tron X experience will be based on a new platform called Hubtron which will let the devices communicate between themselves. The company also announced a virtual customer support programme called T Care and a T Store for selling it as well as third party devices. “The key difference is that all devices and accessories that we sell will be able to talk to each other,” Lingareddy clarified, showcasing how a message received on his Android phone also showed up on the Windows laptop. The company has spent USD 10 million and will further spend USD 100 million over 2 years.



 The company launched t.book , the two in one PC, for Rs 39,999 and will start selling it in India by April end.

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