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RUSTOM V/S MOHENJO DARO: Akshay Kumar Hit It Again

This was the biggest Clash of Movies of 2016 between RUSTOM And MOHENJO DARO Both the movies are not comparable with each other in case of story and Star cast. Mohenjo Daro is no called Hritik Roshan’s biggest film of his career because he had demanded the highest fees that no one has demanded. Wheres Akshay Kumar’s Rustom is real story of a patriot.

According to reviews by movie analyst  “Rustom the film is brave enough to gave us a man who is evolved that he understands and forgives his errant wife ”


On Mohenjo Daro the reviewers Says “It breaks my heart to say this because so much talent and sweat is involved but Mohenjo Daro is a mess”


As you can read the above reviews Akshay Kumar’s Rustom won the hearts of critics and reviews and on the other side Mohenjo Daro failed to win the hearts of everyone.

On the basis of Box office Collection:

First day collection of Rustom is Rs.14 crores and first day collection of Hrithik’s Mohenjo daro is Rs.8 crores.Overall collection of Rustom till yet is 29-30 crores and collection of Mohenjo Daro is 18-19 crores.

So Akshay Kumar won this battle with his electrifying story of Rustom.


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