Salman Khan has always been attracted and felt his heart connected to all the foreign beauties. Relationship failures has never bothered our ‘Bhai’ never has he given up on love or disrespected the intuition of love in his life. From Katrina Kaif to Romanian girlfriend lulia Vantur all have had a very special place in his life. Instead of cribbing over the lost, Salman Khan has always believed in not giving up there is always someone better.

For all the die heart fans of our ‘Sallu Bhai’ this news would be not be shocking news that he has now found his heart warming up with Amy Jackson of British origin, who was seen in the recent movie of Sohail Khan’s production ‘Freaky Ali’ were Salman Khan had given a short appearance.

Just in case you think Salman Khan wanted to promote Rajnikanth’s movie.. Here is the story behind it.


Salman Khan love life has always been a spotlight but he was the spotlight for the promotion of Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 first look launch as he gave a surprise guest appearance. Predicatable this ws not for the movie but for her girlfriend Amy Jackson as she is casting in the film.  Although the joke went across was that Salman Khan is a huge fan of Rajnikanth Sir. According to Mumbai Mirror, their friendship has not been long but is strong as Salman Khan was in a long relationship with lulia Vantur.

lulia Vantur’s breakup with Salman Khan was shocking as they were into each other since a long time and were even seen on Sultan’s set together. They almost had their weddings bell ringing when things fell apart just like a blink it was unpredictable as she just flew of back without informing and that’s how all broke up between them. ‘Bhai’ has given himself a new chance and Amy Jackson is the lucky one right now. Since, Salman Khan has always loved the Gori’s so to say lets see how this works out. We are waiting for him to reveal it out officals!