Every girl, dreams to have that perfect proposal. When you are in a serious relationship and want to take it to another level by asking the girl for the marriage then the questions arise when and how.  You can go for as simple ways as you want or you can also try some really creative ways which will surely melt her heart for you. This is every girl’s dream that her man should propose her in most unique way and makes her feel special. What a perfect day to propose as the chances of rejection is very low. Who can ignore such an awesome surprise on that one special day in the entire year.

Here Are 7 Romantic Ways to Propose Your Dream Girl.

1. Ring proposal


Every girl wants to be proposed with a ring, in some private but close party. If you’re sure of proposing to her, then go ahead—buy a ring, go down your knees and propose to her at the peak hour of a party.

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2. Place Where You Met First Time

Place Where You Met First Time

Bring your girlfriend to the place where you first met her. There are no lovers in the world never forget the place where they met first. It’s one of their most memorable place throughout their life.

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3. Candle Lit Dinner


a romantic evening with your girl and proposing her in a candle light dinner is the most classic way which never goes out of fashion. This is one of the most tested ways to do that.

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4. Proposal During a Movie Break


The very romantic and easy ways to propose your beloved. This way of proposing is tried and tested and it works, really. Edit and compile a short lovely movie which pop up the special question and screen it during the interval.

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5. The Radio Proposal


Check out if she listens radio every day. Call your local radio channel and dedicate the most romantic love song to her. A girl would surely love a boy proposing her in front of thousands of people.

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6. Banner Proposal


If you feel shy about proposing your girl friend then you can use a banner for proposing her. All you need is to get the banner prepared and displayed outside her house or in the workplace or you can even surprise her by flying it over her head.

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7. The Surprise Box Proposal

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Pick a big box and place a small box inside it. Place another box inside the smaller box. Put a gift or a ring in the smallest box with a love note. This will be the best way to work.

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When it comes to marriage proposal, most of the girls want to have larger than life kind of proposal. With ideas given in the list best ways to propose a girl, you can make your proposal as the best and the most romantic way of proposing the one you love the most. Try these amazing ideas and win the heart. Most of girls do not want the ordinary scenario, that is the guy getting down on one knee with a red rose in his hand, and just proposing. Though this is an old way of proposing. You can make your proposal as the best and the most romantic date with your loved ones.