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Rohan Mehra And VJ Bani Are Punished For Hitting Swami Ji. Here Is The Punishment!

We all know Bigg Boss show is full of controversies, drama, and fights. But this 10th season is just different…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on January 5, 2017

We all know Bigg Boss show is full of controversies, drama, and fights. But this 10th season is just different from all the other season. In season 10 we can say that Swami Ji is responsible for almost all the fights that happened in the house, and even Priyanka Jagga was there with him in some situation. In tonight’s episode, we will see Swami Ji throwing his pee on Rohan and VJ Bani during the captaincy task. Because of his disgusting behavior, Swami has thrown out of the house. He threw his pee because he did not get any support in his captaincy task game.

After he threw his pee, VJ Bani and Rohan Mehra both of them lost their temper and went to hit him. VJ Bani kicked him and Rohan slapped him once again. All the housemates were on Rohan and Bani’s side. In these 12 weeks, Swami Ji has done everything to create fights and drama in the house. All of them tolerated Swami Ji beyond their limit. But this time they could not control themselves and went ahead to hit him. It’s obvious one can control his anger till some limit only!!


As we all know getting physical in the house is against the rule and as we will see Rohan and Bani went to hit Swami they will be punished. But this time something different happened, even Bigg Boss was on Rohan and Bani’s side. Bigg Boss said they both have taken the right step and there is NO punishment for Bani and Rohan. Instead of giving punishment to Bani and Rohan Swami Ji is thrown out of the house. In the history of Bigg Boss show, Swami is the contestant who left the house for so many times and came back but this time he is permanently out of the show.

What Bigg Boss did is right or not? What do you guys think? Please do share your thoughts with us by commenting below! Stay tuned to us for more Exclusive updates on Bigg Boss 10!

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