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Road Trip To London From Mumbai, 73-year-old Badri Baldawa Covers 19 Countries In 72 Days

Meet the family from Mumbai who went on a road trip from Mumbai to London, and this is not a…

By Administrator in News on July 15, 2017

Meet the family from Mumbai who went on a road trip from Mumbai to London, and this is not a joke. For many, it’s just a dream while this Mumbai couple had let go their nervousness and went for a challenging road trip, Meet the Baldawa family from Mumbai who has gone London by road.

Back in 2011, Badri Baldawa and his wife were coming back from London to Mumbai. Badri took a window seat and looked down from the window, he was enthralled by looking the mountains below. Baldawa thought how would it be to drive through Mountains, his wife thought it’s just a joke. In May 2016, he started making plans to go on a road trip.

Badri Baldawa Facebook
Source: Badri Baldawa Facebook

Finally, in this year on 23rd March, he started the road trip with his 64-year-old wife and 10-year-old Granddaughter in their BMW X5. In 72 days, they crossed 19 countries and covered 22,200 km, before they reached London.

Mr. Badri Baldawa is from Karnataka and now lives in Mumbai with his family. He is a steel exporter and Chartered Accountant. It looks like going on spontaneous adventure trips is normal with Badri. Baldawa has gone for long trips and had hiked up to one of the base camps of Mount Everest in 2008. He has even driven from Mumbai to Badrinath.

Badri Baldawa London
Source: Badri Baldawa Facebook

As per the reports by The Hindu, he has traveled to Antarctica and across Iceland in 2015 with his grand daughter Nishi. For the trip to Mumbai to London, it needed vast planning and the journey is also difficult.

Home sweet home….we're finally back after the road trip (and a little break in London). Coming back via flight wasn't…

Posted by Badri Baldawa on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Last year, Mr. Badri started planning for the trip with some of his friends and they decided to go to Imphal, then the way to London via Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, and Russia. Badri Balwa said in an interview to The Hindu, There was no other route to drive to London from Mumbai, If he had to drive via Pakistan and Afghanistan, there was no guarantee that he would be alive. As we could not go north via Tibet either, as China would not allow it,”

On the same journey, other 12 vehicles were joined from Imphal. Their group had connections with Indian government so their dinner and stay was managed by Indian Embassy.

Police hold up traffic for safe passage of a long trailer. Wonderful traffic management on narrow roads in mountain valleys in #Bhutan

Posted by Badri Baldawa on Friday, April 7, 2017

He even talked about the longest distance they covered in one day when they covered almost 930km from Warsaw to Brussels.

On that day they had breakfast in Warsaw(Poland), lunch in Cologne (Germany), and dinner in Brussels (Belgium). For Badri, their journey through 19 countries was complete an eye-opener. From infrastructures to brilliant landscapes they got to see it all.

Isn’t it amazing guys? Hats off to Mr. Badri.

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