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Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Totally Travel To India.

India is an amazingly huge country with a variety of climatic conditions combined with diverse flora and fauna. India is…

By Administrator in Travel on May 21, 2016

India is an amazingly huge country with a variety of climatic conditions combined with diverse flora and fauna. India is known for its cultural wealth and heritage running back into the prehistorically times. Taking a holiday in India will definitely be enriching and a memorable experience to those of you who are looking forward to spend some holiday or free time. India is famous as the land of mysteries and snakes. It is a country that is home to a huge population more than a billion people. A country with variety of climatic conditions and a huge cultural wealth.

Here are 10 reasons why you should totally travel to India.

1. Culture


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The country is a birthplace to few of the major world religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism and is known for its vast and dynamic culture. Most tourists consider visiting India as they want to experience the various cultures and traditions which are often unique. The Indian weddings are often few of the most amazing experiences one must try out.

2. Food


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This is a whole separate kind of food from what you’ll find in restaurants. These roadside specialties are not the most sanitary or refined preparations, but they are absolutely delicious. The street food junkies who enjoy it is part of the experience. They’re people from all backgrounds and classes, and it’s a great way to feel connected to the locals.

3. Indian Hospitality

Indian Hospitality

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There’s a saying in India, “Athithi Devo Bhava”, which means “the guest is God”. Indians consider it a huge honor to have guests in their home, and go out of their way to please them. There’s nothing like Indian hospitality. And, as a result of the growing popularity of homestays in India, there are plenty of opportunities to experience it.

4. The History And Architecture


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India is an exceptionally beautiful and architecturally diverse country filled with forts, palaces, mosques, temples, monuments and ancient ruins. Home to the world’s oldest civilisation, the architecture of India is rooted in its history, religion and culture. Architectural styles have evolved under the influence of countless dynasties as well as the colonial period. India has been inhabited by one of the oldest civilizations in the world dating back to the Neolithic period. It has been a home to ancient kingdoms and dynasties with each of their stories more interesting than the others.

5. The Taj Mahal


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The Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, is the most iconic symbol of India and is the most famous monument in the world. Built by the Emperor Shah Jahan as a memorial to his favourite wife, this ‘teardrop on the face of eternity’ is widely considered one of the most beautiful architectural wonders ever created. A visit to this marble mausoleum needs to be on every traveller’s list.

6.  Shopping


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India is known for its huge market places and most tourists visit the country because of the amazing shopping experience. Textiles, clothing, handicrafts from India has been widely popular in the world due to the unique design graceful employed in their making. Many cities like Jaipur in Rajasthan are known for their market places built inside a secure town.

7. The Himalayas


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The highest mountain range in the world is breathtakingly beautiful and worth a visit. Though Mount Everest is outside of India’s borders, the third-highest peak named Kanchenjunga is in the region of Sikkim along the India-Nepal border. I had a trip to the foothills of the Himalayas, which aren’t the snow-capped peaks I imagine when I think of the Himalayas, but they were still beautiful and very peaceful.

8. Festivals And Fairs


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Also known as the land of festivals, India should be visited during the festival season. You don’t need an extra reason to celebrate in India, for there is always one or another festival going on at any time of the year. In the Indian culture, there was a time when there used to be a festival every day of the year – 365 festivals in a year because a festival is a tool to bring life to a state of excitement and enjoyment. That was the significance and importance of festivals. The whole culture was in a state of celebration.

9. The Beaches


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India’s palm-fringed southern beaches are the ideal escape from the frenetic pace of the north. While many of the popular beach destinations in Goa are now crowded, the state’s southern, more remote beaches are quiet and more pristine.

10. Exotic Wildlife


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India has diverse ecology various animals and plants. Efforts have been successfully made to preserve the diversity of the animals and plants to ensure their continued survival. In addition, India has an amazing way of integrating the wildlife into human life without crisis. Elephants are used for transport purposes even in cities like Mumbai and New Delhi, a site that you can’t see anywhere around the world. The abundant sanctuaries are rated to be among the best in the world.

India is a unique travel destination that’s growing in popularity all the time.

India is a land which has a rich ancient history and deep cultural roots. A visit to India is unlike any other place one can visit in the world. Indian customs and traditions have been revered by most of the travelers who have visited the country and the vast range of geographical locations in India has made it one of the top tourist destinations.

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