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Ranveer Singh criticized for Jack and Jones ad: Bollywood keeps mum again.

And again Bollywood keeps mum! Everyday we do not see the Bollywood stars taking a stand or any action against anything…

By Administrator in Bollywood Gossips on November 24, 2016

And again Bollywood keeps mum!

Everyday we do not see the Bollywood stars taking a stand or any action against anything which is going wrong.Our film industry is very well known to play safe game. Silence is golden, especially in these kind of issues where one has to raise their voice against the wrong.

Salman khan’s comment ‘raped women’ while shooting and getting trained for the role in the movie Sultan, no Bollywood star did comment on this issue. Deepika Padukon started a campaign for the empowerment of women as ‘My Choice’ for vogue and the video played very good on twitter.

This time it is Ranveer Singh who is in the limelight for doing Jack and Jones ad. The billboard it put up in 12 cities. Ranveer Singh an urging men to go to work, takes a female secretary in this case. Well dressed in the sharp office shirt and carrying the secretary on his shoulder dressed in the western outfit, Ranveer standing outside the elevator and the elevator smirks while Ranveer winks, while the girl on the shoulder is laughing and the hoarding says, “Don’t hold back. Take your work home.”

The micro-blogging site, Twitter took his words too far and it did not hold anything back. Users attacked the campaign as too offensive and sexist. The Jack and Jones were forced to withdraw the ad on 21 November and apologized by sending individual tweets to people because of the distress it caused.

No actor or actress comments on this issue, accept for Tamil/Telugu actor Siddharth who we north Indians know best as Karan Singhania in Rang De Basanti. He took the help of twiiter and commented on the ad saying that “A new low for women’s rights in the workplace in India.”

This is not the first sexiest ad that we have seen on television or anywhere else, there are many other ads where the actor ad actress sell jewellery, household products and many other things, in television is sexiest undertones, but rarely are they as evidently misogynist, as in this instance.

Ranveer Singh ad does not keep any imagination in our mind. It is just like him in your face brash. Bollywood will not appreciate nor criticize on anything. They think keeping quiet is the best things and let things be as they are.

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