Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt will be seen sharing screen space for MakeMyTrip commercial. In one commercial we have Ranveer Singh dressed as a nerdy Bengali ‘Babu moshai’ and Alia as a bindaas Taxi driver. In the other we see Alia as a sophisticated hotel receptionist who talks with a heavy lisp, and Ranveer as a cool cat customer.

Starting it off with Ranveer, the actor never fails to entertain with his performance and we are glad he gets so many options to do that. Seen in a completely new avatar, Ranveer stepped into the shoes of a geeky Bengali guy trying to figure out his way out in a new city. Here comes Alia to his rescue, not like an exotic girl but to our surprise as a cab driver. This almost a minute clip is the most intriguing one we have come across in the recent past. Will it be too much to ask if we ask them to come together for a movie? Pretty, please? We hope the directors are listening


MakeMyTrip co-founder and CEO said:

“The Indian hotels market is still highly and fragmented and we have made aggressive efforts to tap into this segment. Our current campaign is also reflective of our larger business strategy of rapidly growing our hotels business. With this campaign, we seek to bring new customers into the online hotel category.”

Ranveer Singh Said:

“I have always had the wanderlust in me since my teens. I believe travelling is the best way with which one can broaden their horizons. If there is one thing that I would want to do with my life, it is to travel the world, see new places, meet new people and learn about new cultures.” 

Alia Bhatt said:

“I love travelling and I look forward to an incredible journey with MakeMyTrip,” remarked Alia.


What is surprising is that Alia very easily matches Ranveer’s level of quirk and energy and together the two make for the awesomest frame we’ve seen in a long long time.