Do you remember Ranveer’s video where he chopped of his beard and he was so sad about it? Well, now he doesn’t look gloomy at all. He’s flaunting his new clean shaved look and why shouldn’t he? Because he’s looking amazing in this new look!

source – timesofindia

So, Ranveer Singh took a break from the shoot of the movie “Padmavati” and is back in his power-packed energetic form! He recently posted a video of him grooving to the famous song “Sarkai Lo Khatiya Jada Lage” and he’s completely rocking in that video.

“Sarkai Lo Khatiya Jada Lage” is a 90’s song which starred Govinda and Karishma Kapoor in it. We all grew up listening to this song and watching Ranveer Singh grooving in this video, that too on this song surely made us nostalgic.

Even Karishma Kapoor reposted his Video because she loved it.

Ranveer brought back some old memories by posting this video on Instagram, jumping and dancing on a khatiya looking exactly like Govinda!

Fate wanted them to meet on that exact same day. Ranveer Singh and Karishma Kapoor met at an airport and they didn’t miss the chance to make a video. Karishma Kapoor posted a video on her Instagram with Ranveer and her rocking the old steps from the same song!

They looked so adorable in this video. Now we look forward to what Govinda has to say about it. This video surely has brought so many memories back. Let’s hope Govinda too makes a video in response to Ranveer and Karishma’s video.