Kajal Aggarwal and Randeep Hooda, share a kissing scene in their upcoming romantic movie ‘Do Lafzon Ki Kahani’. According to reports, Randeep went on to kiss Kajal without informing her in advance while they were shooting for a romantic sequence.

The surprise kiss left Kajal confused and upset too, as she felt that such scenes would affect her career in the South Indian film industry. Kajal had never done a kissing scene before. However, director Deepak Tijori tried to make her understand the importance of the scene and eventually Kajal got convinced.

Director Deepak said, “I do remember Kajal had told me that she does not do kissing scenes on screen, as she is a huge South Indian movie star, and this would impact her career in South movies. But let me tell you, there was no intention to malign her or kiss her without her knowledge. It was the emotional moment between two lovers as per the script, and I generally prefer actors doing scenes impromptu, so Randeep followed the emotional quotient of the scene.”

Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal share an intimate moment in their upcoming romantic movie ‘Do Lafzon Ki Kahani’

Kajal will be seen playing a blind girl in the film, Randeep will be seen as a mixed marital arts fighter who falls in love with her. The film which has been delayed many times in the past will release on June 10. Speaking about Kajal’s reaction, he adds, “She did back off after calling for a cut, but later on once I had explained to her the significance of the liplock, she surrendered herself to the script and went on to do the scene with all the passion she could put in.”

Kajal learnt to walk like a visually impaired person with her eyes tightly shut. This was particularly a very challenging experience for her because she was really tempted to use her vision for avoiding obstacles but that is what she exactly had to avoid. Kajal concluded her experience of working in the film by saying that,” It was very draining emotionally as this is an extremely intense film with a plethora of emotional upheaval.”


Featured Image Source:www.deccanchronicle.com