We celebrate all our festivals with so much enthusiasm. Ganeshotsav has just now ended and people enjoyed so much during the ten days of this festival. Dance, Music, Food. People were all pumped up. Mumbaikars love this festival. The whole world knows this fact.

This Tuesday everyone bid adieu to Bappa and went to the beaches and immersed his idols in the ocean and went back home, thinking they can’t wait to see Bappa next year again. This whole paragraph sounds so sweet, right?

source – Shoe Bytes

Now, let’s have a reality check. Tell me, how many of you went back to the beaches where y’all immersed Bappa, to clean the mess that’s lying around and the remains of the idols that are floating on the water, which was immersed in the ocean the other day? Did any of you even bother about it? Where does all your enthusiasm go, when it comes to cleaning the mess that you only created?

Well, I’m glad to see this that some Bollywood actors and actresses are coming out to influence the people to make them understand that they need to keep their environment clean, or at-least, to go out and clean their own mess!

Dia Mirza with her husband has been seen on the beaches, cleaning it, so that the beauty of the beaches remain intact. Sonakshi Sinha has also been urging her followers for keeping the beaches clean. But Amidst all these celebrities, one person is doing the hardest work to keep the beaches clean after the Visarjan. Randeep Hooda.

source – Randeep Hooda / Twitter

He’s been seen on the beach of Versova with the NGO Afraz, cleaning the beach. He was wearing a saffron colour turban. He’s following the principle of Sikhism, Seva. He says that he’s doing the Seva work and also that we should do it too.

source – Randeep Hooda / Twitter

Randeep, I totally agree with you. Call it Seva, or anything you want, but it’s our responsibility to keep our environment clean.

So, whoever is reading this, wake your inner Sevak and save the environment by keeping it clean. You won’t be doing a favour for anybody by doing this because you too are a part of this environment and it’s your responsibility to keep it safe and clean!