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Mystery women in pictures with Ranbir Kapoor is Filmfare executive Kinnari Rathod

Ranbir Kapoor’s love story ended about two months back. Ranbir & Katrina moved out of their love nest and started living separately….

By Administrator in Bollywood Featured on March 22, 2016

Ranbir Kapoor’s love story ended about two months back. Ranbir & Katrina moved out of their love nest and started living separately. It was only after that the news of their split grabbed headlines. But neither party came out and openly talked about the breakup. Ranbir, who’s filming for Jagga Jasoos currently with Katrina have been maintaining a professional relationship with her and have not spoken to her post the shoots, but their actions were a big giveaway. Katrina spoke about love and infidelity in general but refused to comment on her public breakup. Here, Ranbir had been hiding from the prying eyes of the media and now, a picture of Ranbir with a mystery girl has given rise to newer speculations. These pictures were clicked at Karan Johar’s house where the celebrities were celebrating his mother Hiroo Johar’s birthday.

Ranbir kapoor was spotted putting and posing happily with a woman in a picture. The girl in a photo with Ranbir Kapoor that went viral recently is not his love interest, rather a professional contact, Kinnari Rathod of Filmfare. Kinnari Rathod, who works as a  junior multimedia executive at Filmfare, had posted a picture with Ranbir Kapoor on her Instagram account. The winking and pouting pic promptly went viral. Media reports claimed Ranbir Kapoor had moved on after splitting with Karina kaif and been spotted with his new mystery girlfriend at a Karan Johar party.

As the photo went viral, there was a hunt for the mystery woman until Filmfare editor Jatin Pillai burst the bubble identifying Kinnari Rathod. A commerce graduate of Poddar college, Kinnari Rathod joined Filmfare last year. Her LinkedIn profile states she has also spent a year in Italy working with an NGO on human rights. Given that the actor is not on the social network, the picture with the girl which was posted by her obviously, went viral. Now, we have details about who the mystery woman is and you won’t believe it! It’s not someone Ranbir is dating or seeing. It’s rather just another reporter from Filmfare who decided to click a fan-girl picture with the Kapoor boy. Filmfare editor Jitesh Pillai even tweeted about the same.


This will definitely make the millions of female fans of the Ranbir Kapoor breathe a sigh of relief 😉



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